Bulb smart device abs phone app don’t match

Can anyone help.
My bulb mobile device reading and the phone app reading don’t match. My phone app always is higher.
Eg moving device says we 14th £3.76 for gas, but my phone app says wc 14th £6.46.
Am I missing something here? Should this not be the same?
Thank in advance

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I have posted the same question and bulb have yet to answer. Asked 3 days ago. It doeant make sense

Hi, they emailed me to say is my ihd device updated. I checked my wifi connection and it had my old wifi so I’ve updated it and today it show the new daily prices, so will check to see if todays figures are the same on both devices tomorrow.

Thanks i will try that

I did this 2 days ago and my gas still isnt showing any reading, any ideas?

No, mine either, thought it had worked but the next day the reading was the old charge so hasn’t updated. I’ve emailed bulb again as still not had a response.

Hey @Lindsey79 and @Jo1977 thanks for your posts and sorry for the issues here.

To confirm is the issue that the app and IHD show different costs for what you consume or is it just down the the incorrect tariff shown on the IHD?

If its the tariff, there is nothing you can do currently as we will need to get that updated for you.,


The app and ihd show different charges
Also ny gas smart meter is not sending reading directly to you as it should. I have reported this 3 times via chat and email over the years and still not resolved

Yes the ihd and app are still showing different reading and charges, so I can’t judge daily how much gas is being spent.
My electric is also still not connected up to the ihd so I am having to submit monthly readings and am also unable to manage my electricity spend, which is very important right now. This has been ongoing for 5 years and still not sorted.

Hi @Jo1977 :wave:

I am really sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. Are you still unable to see the new tariff prices on your IHD?


Jen :star:

Hi I believe so but the figures are still not matching with the app nor do I have the electrify on the IHD device


J Bale

Once again I am awaiting weeks with no response to either query.

  1. My smart meter abs smart device askew still showing different figures daily
  2. My electric smart meter which was install around 5 years ago is still not even connected to the smart device and I am having to submit readings so cannot manage my electric spend.

This is the worst customer service I have received. I wish to log this as a formal complaint.

J Bale