Bulb Smart meter - pilot

I have just switched to Bulb last month and i was wondering how can i get added in the smart meter pilot list?


You can do it like this @mateen - we’ve added you to the list :slight_smile:

Please can I be added to the pilot too?


@ian1319 Sure, No problem.

Hi, I have recently joined Bulb and would like to be included in the Smart Meter roll-out. Can you please include me in the trial roll-out? Is there some place where I can read about what would I be able to do with Smart meter, What does it cost (if anything)? and What should I be aware before signing up? Thanks.

@EnergySavvy Thanks for getting in touch and we’ll add you to the smart meter trial list now.

Essentially, a smart meter will allow you to view your usage with an in-house display. You also won’t need to take any meter readings as we’ll be able to read them remotely for you. Ultimately, the goal of smart meters isn’t just smarter readings but also building a foundation to make your home a smarter environment.

The trial itself won’t cost anything and future roll-outs that aren’t in the trial will also be free.

We are currently working out which members on the list are eligible for the trial as the 3rd party company we’re working with will only have availability in certain regions. We’ll keep you updated if there are any advancements.

Thanks, I wanted to know if its basic features or do these come with an app where one can monitor the usage in real-time. Also, when someone opts to get the smart-meter installed, does it put the customer in some kind of covenants or binding that one can’t leave before xx months?

Anyway, please include me in the trial list (I would like it to be installed if I am eligible for installation based on the regions worked upon by third party).

Can I be added for a smart meter please

@EnergySavvy There won’t be an app for the In Home Display in our plans at the moment. We will look into it and we’ll let members know if there will be one.

As for any covenants or binding contracts, there won’t be one even if we install a smart meter.

@Jane Of course, I’ve added you in now.

Hi, I’ve recently joined and would also like to be considered for the Smart Meter trial. Thanks :slight_smile:

@julie_ryan80 Also added :slight_smile:

Is Scotland eligible for the trial? If so, I’d love to be considered as well Please!

Ohh, ohh, ohh, could I be added to the smart meter trial please? :slight_smile:

I have a smart meter already. Are you planning on taking smart meter readings in the near future or is there a way to set that up? Happy to enter meter readings if required. thanks.

Edit: Never mind I found the answer in FAQs. I see you can’t read other suppliers meters yet. at least I am future proofed!

I have a smart meter with my old energy supplier (the switch goes through tomorrow! cheers loudly :grin:) - could I pretty please sign up for your smart meter trial! I hate having to do manual readings and estimated usage :frown:

@Samg @jweekes @NeilP @Gareth thanks for your interest guys. You’re now all on the smart meter trial list! Woop :slight_smile:

Could I please be added to the smart meter trial too?

…and me! Could I be added too, please? Thanks!

I have solar panels installed - can I be part of the trial?

Hi - pls can you add me to any smart meter or other smart home/control trials? thanks!