Bulb Smart meter - pilot

@Annabel @Kiri @ChristianC All added! @Stront Yes, smart meters will work with solar panels!

Would it be possible to add myself to a smart meter trials also?

@rachel4649 I’ve added you to the trial

Could I be added too please?

@Spudypaul Ofcourse. I’ve added you on

Please could I be added to smart meter trial list too? Thanks!

@robc would it be possible to be added to the smart meter trial too please?

@Hatti & @Ali356 We have added you to the smart trial!

Could I be added to trial list please

Hi @liseg2005 I’ve just added you :slight_smile:

ooo add me please! when can we do this with gas?

I have asked to be added to trial already but not sure if I have been added.

@Blackjay1 I have added you! This trial will be for both gas and electricity.

@alex2595 you are on the trial list!

Smart meter trial…

Is it possible for me to be added too please?

@liamford1993 of course!

Hey @“Owen at Bulb”, could I be added to the smart meter trial please? I’ve got both gas and electric with Bulb :slight_smile:

@Will_A_89 I’ve added you to the list

Hi, Could you add me to the list as well please? Thanks!