Bulb Smart Meters & Ev Discounts

I have been looking through posts on here about the Bulb smart meter. Is it going to be able to offer E7 tariffs by just using the smart meter like other energy providers have planned and one has already started. The other thing i have notice is that currently they don’t offer and incentives for EV drivers. This i think would be a great idea as i’m a member of many EV pages and one thing people always ask about is renewable energy providers, this is actually how i found out about Bulb and many others have to. Hopefully this is something Bulb would consider in the near future.

Hi @ailsa9812, great question :slight_smile:

When we start rolling out Smart Meters early 2018 we will be able to offer Economy 7 tariffs for these meters as they are remotely programmable with a new tariff set-up.

We are very keen to help people to make positive environmental choices and so it would be great to offer something for Electric Vehicles. I would very interested to hear what ideas you may have to reward and encourage Electric Vehicles.

I actually met a guy on the Eurostar recently who is in the process of launching a new supplier with this being their entire USP. I think their plan was that you can effectively charge your car for free if you switch to them. I cant remember what they were called but Im sure there will be more and more of these sorts of tariffs coming through in the future.

When the smart meters role out will I be able to swap from my exiting tariff. Is there a trial list for the meter as I would be happy to trial one with maybe my tariff idea. As for ideas on tariff if they are programmable maybe have two tariffs one for none ev with your e7 tariff and maybe a ev tariff same as the e7 but maybe with the evening rate a little cheaper. We have had a lot of discussion about this on our page and nearly all of my referrals are ev drivers and they all charge at night so I would say leave the day rate the same. Maybe offer a little discount like the duel fuel discount but again offer a little more for ev drivers.

How does Bulb feel about the new OVO EV tariff?

Seems like they are trying to become leaders in the market early on by offering something different.

As a new member, it would be great to see some sort of EV incentives. Ecotricity has it’s own rapid chargers at service stations and a £40 a year discount for EV drivers.

We think Ovo are doing a great thing with the EV tariff. It really shows that there’s a lot of opportunities involving renewable energy!

At Bulb, we want to concentrate on our mission of having one tariff. So we can keep things simple, cheaper and greener :).

For EV owners, how about a longer “economy 7” window for charging - say 8 or 9 hours. This should be straightforward to do with the smart meters.

For EV owners, how about a longer "economy 7" window for charging - say 8 or 9 hours. This should be straightforward to do with the smart meters.

As an EV owner I couldn’t really see it being all that useful the majority of the time. I use 10 kWh a day for my 40 mile round trip commute and it only takes 2 1/2 hours to recharge. After a long road trip then it might be useful but that would only be useful a few times a year.

I’d be inclined to agree with @katherine244 as the charging times for the cars are quite small.

We’re hoping that with smart meters it’ll be easier to configure the times to suit the customer best.

@james7096 You’re right to say that the smart meters are going to change the way tariffs look over the next 3-5 years. We’ll be dedicating a lot more time to developing tariffs like Ovo’s once we’ve got a strong smart meter install base, so that’s likely to be a while off with our 2nd gen smart meters rolling out from Q1-2018 onwards. Keep your eyes peeled for more news around then!

I am thinking of changing to Bulb. I already have a smart meter for the electricity supply installed by Scottish Power - will Bulb be able to utilise this?

@ronshep, Bulb will not be able to use this meter in a smart way at this time. Until Bulb install smart meters (from June), you will have to read your meter manually.