Bulb Smart Meters

I am due for a Bulb Smart Meter fitting on 18th June. Since booking the appointment I have read in the daily papers that Bulb are having major problems with their Smart Meters of which 3/4 fitted do not work. And also that the costs for energy are more expensive. Can you advise me please the details so I can make a decision as to whether to go ahead with the fitting. I have already emailed Bulb but had no reply.

I don’t even know if my bills have went up because I haven’t had an accurate usage, statement or response from bulb since they fitted the meters in February.

Your energy cost will remain the same unless you opt for the smart tariff.

I’m not sure about how bulb set it up but if its uploading readings itll be the same as submitting manual readings.

If your very very lucky the smart meters will send readings to Bulb, but alas they won’t appear on your account and you’ll get estimated bills!
Once smart meters are installed you’ll lose the option to send readings via the app meaning you won’t have the faintest idea how your account stands. They will ask you email readings but again they won’t appear on your account!
Wish I’d never heard about smart meters!


Sorry to say this again, you should have taken note on postings of various thread on this forum before opting for a smart meter plus the Blog articles. Unless of course you had a smart meter before the issues became known…

I would strongly recommend cancelling your appointment.

There are countless problems with the smart meters. Bulb aren’t receiving readings from the new meters so are making estimates. Because your meters are supposedly “smart” there’s no option to submit actual readings yourself. My account is still showing the old meter. I’ve asked Bulb repeatedly to update this to the new meter, sent photos of the new meter as requested etc. but am being totally ignored.

Worst thing is, until the new meter gets added to my account, I won’t be able to leave Bulb for someone more competent.