Bulb Smart Meters

Hi to all on this fine sunny day!
I would like to know if anyone is still using a British Gas Smart Meter whilst using a Bulb account?
I checked my BG “smart” meter yesterday, which told me that I have been using over £130 a month. Yet when I checked my Bulb account is said that I have been using £70 of energy a month!!! Can anyone shine a light on this for me? Do Bulb do their own Smart Meter? Many thanks in advance for your help. Kind Regards to you all!!!

Your In Home Display will not be showing the correct information since switching to Bulb, because it wont have been updated with the correct tariff information. The meters themselves will still be working just fine, so provided you keep manually submitting your meter readings just like you’ve always done, there wont be any billing issues.

Not that an example of one means anything, but I know of at least one person that tried to get on the smart tariff with old BG meters and Bulb said they weren’t compatible.

Yes, Bulb are rolling out their own SMETS2 meters. Check out the blog and other forum posts for more info.