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Anyone have a Octopus referral link we can both benefit from? alas it is time to move away from this useless energy company.

Had SMETS 2 meters installed, GAS 100% all working same day and Bulb reading it all OK within a week of install, ELECTRICITY no such luck, chased Bulb multiple and I mean multiple times, even resorted to supplying Bulb with a photograph of the installed meter but they still cannot add the meter to my account and are now estimating my bills based of a meter that was removed from my property.

They state that Siemens didn’t supply the required information, so why it is my responsibility as a customer to do Siemens job for them and supply the meter details and why is it my responsibility to have to chase Bulb to get them to do their job of making sure my account is set up and all OK, I am paying Bulb for a service after all.



Absolutely. I suspect this is why Octopus have gone to the trouble of spinning out their own meter installation company, so they don’t have to deal with third parties getting it wrong and doing a poor job all the time.

I’ve sent you a PM :octopus:

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@Hooloovoo can you send me a referral link for Octopus as I am looking at Bulb alternatives too. My Smart Gas meter is still not working…

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Hi @ian.parsfield, I am really sorry you haven’t had a good experience with Bulb. I have just taken a look into your account and it seems as if your smart meters are working and they have been registered in our system. I have just sent you an email about this to confirm, please respond directly to that email if you have any specific questions. - Sam