Bulb SmartThings integration reporting frequency inconsistent


I’m using the SmartThings integration with IHD and this pumps data in to HomeAssistant where I monitor my energy usuage. This was working reasonably well in realtime more or less up to a month or so ago, but this has become increasingly unreliable and now seems to be reporting daily for both gas and electricity.

Looking at the SmartThings event logs it looks like something has changed or broken on your side, since there are now only daily energy event getting passed in to SmartThings.

For example 2 days ago I got electricity reading for 04:55:55 to 04:58:37 then nothing until the following day at 05:41:36.

Typically I would see a fairly high frequency of event constantly throughout the day but now I just get these really inconsistent bursts and obviously that affects the charting of my consumption throughout the day.

A seperate issue I’ve also reported previously but didn’t get an answer back for, is that you provide the gas usuage to SmartThings in kWh but you don’t provide the calorific value or the volume, making it impossible to accurately chart usuage and costs. These are standard values available within SmartThings, so it would be nice to be able track them. Additionally if you made the pricing available in an API it would make consuming the and tracking costs easier. You obviously do this to some extent within the SmartThings eco system but this data doesn’t seem openly accessible via the SmartThings API directly. Perhaps you could provide details of how to query this data from yourselves directly?

Many thanks