Bulb Staff with the current news

The news today on Sky does not look too good.
I sincerely hope that all you who work at Bulb have a successful outcome and your jobs are secured.
I can think of nothing worse than losing your job especially with Christmas on the horizon.
Fingers crossed and my best wishes to all the staff


If there’s any substance behind it, then it’s very odd that no other media outlet seems to be running this story. Note that Sky ran something very similar a few weeks ago too.

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Irrespective of what happens next week , next month or hopefully never, my thoughts still stand. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@stevefoster Also reported online by The Telegraph, The Guardian, iNews, The Times, The Independent, The Scotsman, Metro, The Mirror and probably others.

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these other sources are all saying ‘as reported by Sky’ so they really know no more than us, I suspect

but obviously a lot is going on in the background - personally I want to stay with Bulb but not if they become a subsidiary to British Gas

Though technically they are all refering to the Sky article, NOT stating the news themselves

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Worrying, still no news, and all Quite on the staff front, id expect bulb staff to be on here this morning to reassure us , I guess we will be the last to find out, when we cant log in anymore. Get prepared take screen shots of bills and readings.

I spoke to Travis this morning and he said there is no indication of Bulb going under, Obviously all energy companies are struggling at the moment, but this seems to be a Sky initiated panic driven article. All other media companies refer to Sky as the source.
The panic headline worked with petrol !!!


Good to hear this, Travis is normally on the boards, why do the media do this, its a joke fingers crossed for bulb

Speaking on Friday, a Bulb company spokesman said: "Our discussions with multiple parties to secure additional funding continue to make good progress and we’re encouraged by the drop in wholesale energy prices.

“We expect the government to monitor wholesale prices and their effect on the whole industry, but ministers and Ofgem have been clear we must emerge from the energy crisis with a competitive and innovative market, rather than a return to the oligopoly of the past.”

How about Bulb in the US. Should we be worried? Should we change providers?

I.ve been in this Dilema more than once before just like Bulb they all give out the same reassurance that all will be well at the end of the day.by keep taking payments from you up too their final day,
So all I can say Beware and taken nothing for Gospal that all will be well !!!