Bulb statement- when will my Bulb account be debited for my usage?

Hi there,
I’ve been a Bulb customer for a few years and every month my Direct Debit has credited my Bulb account & I’ve been debited (either by estimate or readings I’ve submitted) for useage.

I got a smart meter installed in early summer which is great, but since then although I’m still seeing my Direct Debit credit my Bulb account I’ve not seen a debit for energy usage for over three months now.

When will this be corrected as I feel my Direct Debit is too high, so I should be in credit when it’s rectified, but I’m guessing because we had an unusually high electric usage in early spring Bulb “thinks” that’s our normal level

Basically when will I see the actual readings the smart meter records be debited from my Bulb account. I thought the whole point was to get a more accurate bill- I’m literally none the wiser over three months later

Hi @marti_mnm - welcome to Community :wave:

Ah I’m sorry you’ve still not had your first smart bill - that’s definitely not the start we’d want!

What has happened is, the first bill after your smart meters were installed failed, because it was mixing the exchange reads. This then had a knock on effect for the following bills. I’ve got that all updated for you now, so your up to date bill will come through in the next 5 days.

Once you’ve received that, your account balance will be updated, along with your suggested payment amount.

If you have any questions about this please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

Thanks, that’s brilliant. Cheers