Bulb still using my 1st reading as estimate

I’ve been with bulb since the 26th Nov 19,i have had an email today with my bill stating that bulb have used my reading I sent them in the 30th Nov 19,ive sent 3 readings (in Dec, Jan and now Feb) what is going on??? :angry: Oh yeah and theyve took nearly £600 out in 3 months!

It’s as though they are not looking at my readings each time I send them :angry:

Do these three readings you’ve given not appear anywhere on your statements at all, even if the final closing reading for each statement is an estimate? If you give readings at the “wrong” time, longer than 1-2 days before the statement is produced, then the final closing reading for the statement will be estimated, but the readings you’ve given earlier should still be on the statement and so preventing the final estimate from being too far out.

If I understand correctly that your readings aren’t appearing at all, then there’s something wrong. Your readings are likely being rejected by the “sanity check” which confirms the readings you’ve provided are at least somewhere within the expected range. Sometimes this happens if your predicted usage is not setup correctly, meaning the expected range is wrong. You’ll have to contact Bulb to discuss the problem, this is just a customer forum.

You’re probably having the same problems as @porchtz and @Nicky, see: Why give readings if you always estimate?

Bulb appear to have a repetitive issue.
I did finally get a sensible response from customer service however, as a result of their system failure there is now a dispute with my previous supplier and my account online is still not showing my readings.
Do contact Bulb directly. Do keep pestering them.

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My apologies all, for the earlier outburst seem to be putting mouth in gear before engaging brain