Bulb stopped my transfer over to a new supplier

Just been told by my new supplier who I was due to move to today that Bulb have blocked my transfer?
It was suggested that maybe I owe Bulb money…but I am £96 in credit.
I have been bombarded by telephone calls and emails from Bulb not to leave…the latest this morning. Now I have to chase Bulb to find out why they won’t let me leave?

Hi @david_laing,

I just double-checked your account and on the national electricity database. We didn’t object to your switch otherwise you would have automatically received an email stating why and to get in touch with us.

Your new supplier actually withdrew from the switch, see here: image
(REGE is us, the names blurred out is the supplier you are trying to switch to). Do let us know if they need anything or are having any issues registering for supply though!

You can email us help@bulb.co.uk or get in touch with us via our live chat.

Both parties Bulb and BG as blaming each other?
If BG had pulled out on the 29th why did I get an email from Bulb this morning to say…sorry to hear you are going?

The other thing is the date on that document is tommorrow?

Hi @david_laing,

The date being tomorrow shows that the switch won’t be going ahead tomorrow, as today was meant to be the switch date it just means your account with them won’t start tomorrow as planned.

I can see we’ve now added a never object to your account just in case, the switch should go through as desired now.

You mean the object (for electricity) was removed yesterday after I discovered it and called to complain. It was then changed to “never object”.
Doesn’t explain WHY it had been there in the first place.
I am a Dual Fuel user with you and now I am being told that my gas will transfer on the 24th of November and I have to wait till the 4th of December for my electricity to transfer. I am transferring as a Dual Fuel user with my new supplier

Hi David,

There was never an objection set primarily, we have just placed a ‘never object’ as an extra preliminary caution to ensure that the system does not object to a switch from taking place for you.

It looks like British Gas are in the processing of taking on your supplies. The industry standard to switch from one supplier to another is 21 days, which is why the switches are due to take place within the next few weeks.

Best wishes,

report it to off OFGEM, this is why i am leaving they are acting like criminals.

Did you read the part where Bulb clearly showed that British Gas withdrew the transfer request