Bulb support is dead, direct debit has doubled. Fed up so cancelled DD

I have been trying to get answers about the cap increase from Bulb support for over a month. I have sent them an email five times but they’ve ignored it. They have also tried to more than double my direct debit (from £105pm to £213pm) despite me being in credit and the price cap having increased by 54%.

As a result I cancelled my direct debit.

Then they contacted me quite quickly (surprise surprise). I asked them to assure me that they’d only charge the increased price for electricity from the actual date the cap was increased and not prior to that date. I provided a meter reading taken at the moment the price cap was increased too. I also said I was only prepared to increase my direct debit by 54%.

Result: they’ve gone quiet again.

Oh well, at least my leccy is now free…

Good on you! They are utterly useless!

I think many have cancelled DD and only paying what they can afford. Expect Bulb to ask for more taxpayer cash by October.

It’s not really Bulb Energy now though is it? It’s more like the administrative arm of our Tory government.