Bulb swapping day & night readings around making statements vastly wrong

Anyone having problems with Bulb swapping economy 7 meter readings day & night around? When I submit correct readings Bulb produces a correct statement. Then they cancel this statement, swap the day & night reading round then produce a totally wrong statement. Then I point out their error, they cancel the last statement and produce another showing the same correct figures as the first. This has happened every time since May 2019. I supplied correct readings in December 2019 and Bulb did the same again except this time they haven’t corrected it. I’ve emailed twice & written. Just entered readings (correctly) as payment is due Monday. Message came up saying I may have readings wrong way round!! Fortunately the site did give me opportunity to upload a photo - be interesting to see what happens next. Been with Bulb since Jan 2019 & 12 errors on the account never had this much trouble before.

I have had the exact same problem. They keep switching the day and night figures around the wrong way. I phoned and they sort it and then when I go to submit my meter readings the next month, it has switched back to the wrong way again! I am getting frustrated with this as it has been happening since I joined in March 2019. It is confusing because you don’t know how much your bill is going to be as my statements aren’t accurate with the wrong meter readings. Will be thinking of changing my suppliers.

Similar issue on joining Bulb- eventually discovered my meter was faulty and recording reading 1 ( which should be overnight) between :7:30 am and 2:30, and reading 2 ( should be day rate) between 2:30 pm and 7:30 am.
Bulb finally replaced my meter but have just sent me a bill based on the faulty readings despite saying my bills would continue as estimates until they got a clearer picture of my day/night usage ratio

I am having the exact same problem and have just sent my latest complaint having received no response from my previous two.I have not had a bill now since October and just want them to bill me correctly so l that I can get away from Bulb.Their customer service is abysmal I was promised it would be rectified three weeks ago still waiting!

Best work out your bills yourself then you can keep track of what you actually use/owe. Bulb now asking me to increase my direct debit payment but I’m in credit by around £200 so I’m going to ignore their request. I’ve written to the directors, clearly something wrong with their systems and/or staff training. Pity anyone who takes Bulb’s statements as correct without checking if my account is anything to go by Bulb are holding £millions of overpayments. No wonder they can afford to expand.

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Until December 2019 I got a response, this time I haven’t - yet. I wrote to the directors a few days ago, if I still get no reply I will go to the ombudsman. Suggest you do the same. Bulb are now asking me to increase my direct debit but I’m in credit by about £200. If Bulb are doing the same with other economy 7 accounts as with mine & people agree to larger monthly payments Bulb could be holding £millions in overpayments.

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My readings were also swapped, not sure if they ever corrected it or not as they stopped sending me bills until I actually left for another supplier. I left partly because of this very issue. I sent photos, phoned and emails but nothing sorted out my day and night readings the wrong way round.