Bulb Switch - Old Prepayment (Card/Key) Meters


Asking the question to here to get some direct feedback.

Moved in to a new house in July and we still have the old school prepayment meters for both electric and gas installed.

Hopefully the gas meter is being switched today on to a SMETS2 meter. Assuming this happens can we switch providers to Bulb for gas easily?

We cannot switch our electric meter yet due to work being undertaken on the property. As and when we can change our electric meter, can Bulb complete the switch from the old (card/key) prepayment meter on to a new SMETS2 meter or do we need to get the current provider to do something first?


I’m not sure why your supplier is bothering to install a SMETS2 gas meter when you don’t yet have a SMETS2 electric meter and thus also don’t have the necessary communications hub. Is there a reason the gas meter has to be done now (faulty?) rather than waiting to get both done at the same time?

Your new SMETS2 gas meter will operate as a dumb meter until you get the electric meter also changed. Whilst I’m sure Bulb would accept your gas supply with the new meter, personally I would stick with one supplier until you’ve got both meters changed and verified to be commissioned properly with the DCC.

If you do decide to go ahead, let me know if you need a referral code :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the swift reply.

Sorry i should have mentioned that Electric and Gas are with different providers making the changes irritating to deal with.

As far as I know (and it may have changed), Bulb won’t initiate a gas-only switch (unless you already have your electricity with them), so I think you’d have to attempt to switch both. Although I know of cases where an electricity switch has failed and only gas has been switched. Happy to be corrected though if anyone has more up-to-date information.