Bulb tariffs after getting a smart meter

I got a smart meter fitted the day for electric and it shows electricity tariff as 14.15p and daily standing charge as 20.55p.
Yet in a bill I got from Bulb 5 days ago it says tariff 13.48p and standing charge 19.58p.
Is this right
Has the electric tariff prices gone up now that I have a smart meter.


Nothing has changed. One price includes the relevant VAT at 5%.

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Thanks for the replay. The tariff and daily standing chance shown on the in house display must include the 5% VAT then.


Yes. In your bill from Bulb you’ll see the VAT on both the electricity and standing charge is added separately below, so the tariff prices above are exclusive of VAT.

Thanks for that. For a short while this afternoon I thought I was now paying more for my electric for getting a smart meter fitted.


Hi @darrenney,

Thanks for your post. Just to confirm, @norman7115 is correct, the difference in tariff you’re seeing is the VAT. - Sam

Thanks for the info. I was not sure that’s why I asked.