Bulb Telling me my switch didnt go through.... 6 months later - Copyingmy email to bulb here

Can anyone help or does anyone have advice?

Thanks in advance.


I am emailing with a concern, and i guess a complaint.

I received this email this morning:

> ## We’ve refunded your payments

> > Hi Oliver,

> > There was an error with your switch which means we’re not supplying your gas and electricity. We’ve closed your account and refunded your payments totalling £194.33. This may take up to 14 days to reach your bank account.

> > You’re still with your old supplier, but if you’d still like to switch your energy to Bulb, just hit the button below to sign up.

> > We’ve added £20.00 credit to your account to apologise for not letting you know about this sooner. This will be included in your refund. And we’ve improved this process to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

> > We changed our prices on the 1 April
> > The cost of gas has come down a lot, while the cost of electricity has increased. We changed our prices to make sure they reflect the true cost of energy. Here’s more info about [our price change]

> > All the best,
> > Team Bulb

I moved to bulb in November, i got confirmation my switch went through. I have no one asking me for any payments or anything but you.

I then jumped on the online chat, and spoke to xxxx, see conversation below:

He said he would email me, as per the conversation, and lodge a complaint for me.

This hasnt happened as far as i know.

I then logged on to my app, it showed me nothing but some text saying:

“There seems to be an issue with your online account. Please email usat help@bulb.co.uk letting us know what you were trying to do and we’ll look into it for you.”

I logged in online too, and it didnt show me my account data.

I am extremely unimpressed with this from bulb.

What can you do to help?

Please call me: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oliver Packer

Flat x, xx xxx Road Nottingham NGx xxx

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