Bulb to provide better annual detail breakdown statements

I am asking bulb to provide me with an annual statement break down, that will include a table with data (rows) by month detailing

date, reading, consumption and payment.

Annual breakdown statements should for Gas and for Electricity should be available to download as single documents in Bulb website and Bulb mobile app.

This is a very simple request, as Bulb has all the data!

One single document that shows on a screen on website and mobile app, that will facilitate customers with an easy to obtain on-going annual summary view, as opposed to downloading all their monthly PDF statements and manually collect the data.

One can get downloadable (xls, csv) files bank statements, with transactions details from any internet online banking. I don’t see why Bulb can no offer detailed break down on-going statement downloadable files…?

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Hi @laconacho

Welcome to the Bulb Community :bulb:

It’s good to see you’re taking such an interest in your energy usage. I understand why you’d find that useful to have.

I see you’ve contacted us about this and there’s been a complaint raised about the issue. We’re going to email you a little later in the day about this outlining what we can do for you. I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated, and we’ll do our best to get you the data you’d like.

@laconacho Did you ever get your Annual Statement? I’m needing one, too, rather than have to trawl through monthly bills and make up my own spreadsheet!

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Hi @Sheila2909,

Welcome to Bulb community! :wave:

I just took a look into your account and I see that one of your fuels hasn’t been with us for 12 months, I am happy to email you a breakdown of the fuel that has been with us for over usage if you’d like?

Thanks for getting back to me. After making that post, I had an online chat with Lucy and will await my annual statement being emailed to me soon. FYI, I only have electricity, 2 meters (1 of which is offpeak), and both have been with Bulb since January 2020! But if you could email me a breakdown, that would be really helpful, thanks.

I need this too! The costs they put at the top are really erratic, and it’s impossible to compare with the actual units used which are listed below, and doubly complicated in my case because I’m on Economy 7, so 2 parts to every reading. I just need a simple annual total - units on full tariff, units on economy tariff.

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STILL awaiting an annual breakdown for both Economy7 and day usage. It’s over a year since I joined Bulb, so must be possible just to press a button at your end and give me this information. Please!

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Fast losing patience! I was told in a chat session on 3 February: “We do produce annual statements” and “Hopefully an annual statement will be produced shortly for you”. 16 days later and I’m STILL waiting. There was some confusion about when I joined - Day rate and Economy 7 actually both in January 2020, although Bulb said the latter was May 2020. Not the case - why would they think I was getting electricity from two different suppliers? What actually happened in May 2020 was they realised they’d wrongly been taking a Standing Charge for the Economy 7, and rectified that. So, CAN I PLEASE HAVE AN ANNUAL STATEMENT???

Hey @Sheila2909,

I see you had an email from @Freya_at_Bulb a few days ago with some more information, and I’m just speaking to my colleague that you had a chat with now who can send you over the bill you were requesting.

All the best,

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