Bulb took the wrong Smart Meter reading and won't help

Wonder if anyone else has had this problem? Bulb started taking Smart meter readings in October. Unfortunately they used a figure which included my old Economy 7 night units from a previous supplier. They then debited my account with £650 instead of the normal £50 average. At their request I submitted photos showing the correct and incorrect readings. I have had no replies to my five emails and Bulb continue to use the wrong reading. How can I escalate this? They have effectively stolen £600 from me and won’t give it back. Is it worth taking to the Ombudsman?

Definitely, fill in the OFFICIAL complaints form(at the bottom of this page) and if its not resolved within eight(8) weeks escalate it to the ombudsmen, quite a few pennies involved here

Hi @mjhelliwell,

Thanks for your post. Our smart meter readings we get tend to be accurate. I’m going to pop you an email now so we can discuss this further and get to the bottom of it.

I’ve emailed photos of the correct meter reading and the incorrect one which you’ve used. The total figure you are using includes old pid-for night units from when I was on Economy 7 with a previous provider.

Well, another week on and still no action from Bulb. It’s three month’s now since Bulb charged me an EXTRA £600 for one month’s worth of electricity! Both Matthew and Georgie have said they’d look into this, but I get no response.

Yawn. Still no resolution. Only five months since I brought this to Bulb’s attention.

Hi @mjhelliwell

Sorry there has not been a resolution.

I can see that my colleague Alexandra gave you a full break down of all your usage via email on Jan 12th.

If you wanted to query any of the information please do reply directly to Alexandra as she is the agent who has been looking into your meter reads.


Thanks Mel, but do not appear to have received an email on 12-Jan - hence my frustration. I’ve checked my spam folder too. Please could you ask Alexandra to resend the email.

Hi @mjhelliwell,

We’ve asked Alexandra to resend this, so please keep an eye on your emails and reply to her email for any further details.

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

Well, I hope Bulb can learn some lessons from this whole sorry saga. It took six months to resolve the overbilling issue, and three of those were after I escalated the issue to the Ombudsman.

This month, I have been notified that my monthly dual fuel payments are to be increased from £100 a month to £227. That’s a 140% increase, and it’s outrageous. Six weeks ago I had an email from Alexandra stating that the amount I was paying would cover my annual usage. Now it seems Bulb want to rip me off by more than doubling the payment.My usage has not increased.

Needless to say I shall be changing suppliers.

Hi @mjhelliwell

We may need to increase your direct debit because, as well as the price rise, there are other things we base the estimates from including historical use on your meter and seasonal change. I can see at the moment your account is a bit in debt, so as we go into the warmer months we want to make sure that’s cleared so further debt doesn’t build in colder months when you will use more energy.

Every so often the industry updates your estimated annual consumption- this update replaced my colleague Alex’s calculations. We’ve put those back for you so if you have a look at the account now the estimated consumption is £139 on average, which is much more aligned to your usage.

I can see you’ve decided to switch, but hope that helps clarify a bit.

– H :relaxed: