Bulb unable to read the smart meter they've installed.

I’ve had my smart meter for months now and Bulb are still estimating my meter readings as they obviously can’t communicate with my unit.
The whole smart meter thing has been shambolic from start to finish and Bulb should be extremely embarrassed about how they have handled it all.
Anybody else on here sick to the back teeth of the whole affair?

I am!

Absolute joke isnt it? And absolutely no communication from Bulb to try to explain the problems they’re having.
Also, as I have the smart meter the facility to register readings through the app has been removed so I cant even upload accurate readings easily any more.

The problem is not unique to bulb. Smart meters have been rushed to market. If they were smets 2 from the start they’d be a lot more mature now.

I’ve had a smart meter for nearly 8 months and it still doesn’t work and I’m fed up to the back teeth with the whole thing and I just want them to sort it. They won’t give me a firm date when they will fix it because I think they just don’t know, which is quite disappointing. They keep asking me for a meter reading but I am unwilling to provide this as I accepted a smart meter so I wouldn’t need to do this.

@NotSoSmart are you really that lazy you can’t be bothered to submit a reading as per an old one. Even with a smart meter I’d want to be comparing what I’m getting charged to my usage.

Even with my regular old meters it takes less than 5 minutes a month to submit a reading and I get Bill’s spot on every month.

@NotSoSmart are you really that lazy you can't be bothered to submit a reading as per an old one.

@FromTheValleys Don’t be daft, @NotSoSmart is clearly saying its a matter of principle

Although it’s not necessarily an approach I would take, I do appreciate the stubbornness of refusing to do something when the service you were sold was based on entirely not having to do that thing any more.

I today received an email asking for me to submit meter readings as they say that I last supplied one on the 4th June. That was the day my smart meters were installed. I didn’t supply the readings. Bulb keeps taking my monthly payments but has not given me any bills to date. This despite numerous emails from me and emails from them to say do this and that to get the IHD working. All was supposed to be fixed by last weekend.
I wonder if it is legal for Bulb to carry on this way.
Regarding reading our own meters and suppling the readings to Bulb although it might not be a lot of effort, if the issue is not forced they might just be happy to leave as is. Instead of actually fixing the problem and keeping their customers informed as to their progress or lack of it.
Very poor wonder how other suppliers are managing.

I do appreciate the stubbornness of refusing to do something when the service you were sold was based on entirely not having to do that thing any more.

The service some customers with smart meters are receiving from Bulb is abysmal. I just wonder if not supplying meter readings on a point of principle will possibly cause further problems for NotSoSmart when the smart meter issue for him/her is finally resolved?

Perhaps the comment by FromTheValleys isn’t that daft in the longer term?

The service some customers with smart meters are receiving from Bulb is abysmal. I just wonder if not supplying meter readings on a point of principle will possibly cause further problems for NotSoSmart when the smart meter issue for him/her is finally resolved?

Quite possibly, which is why I said it’s not necessary an approach I would take but I can see why someone might choose to go that route.

Perhaps the comment by FromTheValleys isn't that daft in the longer term?

The “daft” comment was about the accusation of NotSoSmart being lazy when that’s clearly not the issue, as opposed to comment on the action being taken.

Thanks to those who commented on my post. I think its already been said I’m not lazy, but I do want to see some action from Bulb. So, to respond to @FromTheValleys, firstly, SMETS1 was introduced because the development effort to introduce SMETS2 was significant and an earlier solution was needed. Secondly, the whole point about an In Home Display(IHD) in a SMETS2 meter installation is you don’t need to go and read your meters as the display gives you everything you need (including the meter reading). If @FromTheValleys wants to continue reading his/her meters then its a free world, go ahead and do it and I’m not about to tell people how to use their free time.
But, back to the point of this thread. Bulb installed Smart meters which don’t work, this is a fact. They aren’t in any hurry to do anything about it because they are measured on the number of Smart installs they achieve rather than the number of Smart installs where the solution works. So, yes, they will (hopefully) fix it one day but it isn’t top of their agenda. I would like to change this and we (the customers of Bulb) need to provide some encouragement to them so this issue becomes something they badly want to resolve rather than leaving them to believe this forum is an irrelevant talking shop.

I had my SMART meter installed last week and it isn’t connecting, Savanna at Bulb said the installer had failed to commission it properly and their technical section will try to find a work around but I might have to have the engineer call again to commission it again and it might take a few weeks. Strange I was present when engineer commissioned it. Also I have spoken to various other Bulb account holders as a group of us all signed up together. Doesn’t appear any have got their Smart meter running. Has anybody got a fully functioning Smart meter?

Hi @Cruicky2, sorry to hear you’ve joined the Bulb dumb smart meter team :slight_smile: , I’ll be interested to hear how things develop. As per my earlier comments I’ve been waiting almost 8 months and the progress has been zero, I hope you do better.

What a depressing trail of disappointed and angry customers. Our smart meter was installed on 29/09/19 by a pleasant Siemens man but he left without being able to set up the final connection to Bulb, saying he would ask us to try the check procedure during the day. It was sure to work later. We believed him. Nothing. And nothing from Bulb - also no direct way of contact either.
Very difficult to see how to exert any meaningful pressure. Tell me if there is a way.

Same situation here, installed in June, smart display hasn’t worked once despite multiple resets. I’m still on the same direct debit £ p/m I was on prior to the smart switch, I haven’t had a single accurate statement yet. Will be cancelling this month if not sorted. Shame, as service was excellent until I moved to the smart meter.

I had smart meter install booked for end of August, by chance had to change the date and it was moved to 16th Sept. Then I had a voicemail canceling that date and asking me to make another appt. So I went into my Bulb account and now cannot see any option to book an install - although reading these comments that seems like a good thing! I am surprised though that Bulb have been so silent on it, there are clearly some real bad problems. Why don’t they just let customers know if they have had to suspend the rollout for now?

After my previous comment I was asked to contact Bulb, which I did, only to be told it might take some weeks to be commissioned. I happened to mention that we had a poor mobile signal in our Dartmoor village and I was told that Smart meters need a mobile signal to operate and this was my problem which the government we’re going to sort out over the next few years, nothing Bulb can do.
I was never told it was dependent on mobile signal, why is it connected to my wifi? The Siemens engineer, who I have to admit was a great lad, very polite and informative, told me there shouldn’t be a problem with my fibre wifi sending the info. Maybe he was wrong but told me that if the signal was poor then it would send info via wifi. We actually have wifi calling in our house which works perfectly when the mobile signal is poor. Why can’t Bulb us wifi calling as their meters are connected to my wifi?
The whole roll out of Gen 2 metres seems rushed and a bit shambollicks (is that how you spell it!)

Part of the pre-install process is to check the WAN (network used by the Smart Meters) is adequate. I’m highly sceptical they would go to the trouble of carrying out an install in a location where the signal was too weak.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting @Cruicky2 is wrong, the mobile signal is fundamental to the install and I can’t believe they’d embark on a smart upgrade that was doomed. This may just be a convenient reason for ignoring a failed install. Clearly don’t know this for sure so the answer is to ask them to report the signal levels they found prior to install.

Hmm sorry to read all these tales of woe. Unfortunately I’m having a similar experience. I had a SM installed back in mid-July. After a day or so everything seemed to be working fine. I get the occasional in-house display drop-out, but it always manages to reconnect after a short outage. But as per several comments above, since the install my account has not been updated with any meter readings. Of course the direct debits continue, and my account credit goes up every month with no payments taken out. Furthermore when I log in to my online account and click “Energy Usage” a ghostly pop-up appears briefly (just long enough for me to take a screen grab, so I can then read it) saying “We can’t automatically read your electricity meter, so you’ll still have to submit meter readings. When you don’t submit one we use estimated readings…”. It vanishes too quickly to read without a screen-grab, so I assume it’s anomalous; moreover I have not received the old monthly reminders to send in readings:

Strange thing is I could have sworn that when I first checked my account one month after the install there was an automatically generated reading listed… but it’s since vanished…? Beginning to doubt my memory (and indeed my sanity). Come back good old 1950s bakelite meter - at least then I could sit and watch it spinning around, which is much more fun than dealing with modern technology.

Looking forward greatly to responses on this forum (too much to expect any response from Bulb…?)