Bulb usage graphs stopped working

Have been using your new app for a few weeks and now Gas data has stopped showing in daily view from Thurs and both graphs in weekly and monthly from Thurs too

I have logged out, cleared app data and sill the same when logged back in.

The data is still updating for both Inthe SmartThings app so no issue with meter sending readings.
Can you sort this as was hoping to only use the one app


Started working again but still a gap where data is missing, not great if trying to track cost or look at trends

There seems to be the graphical information displayed from the bulb website which only gives data over a month, and the android app that allows selection between month, week, and day displays. The android app has a day or so delay so you cannot see in real time but still useful. What both need is:

  1. Display of export rather than electricity just dropping to zero when solar or other home generation exceeds usage.
  2. Raw data down load ability.
    I have mentioned this on the feedback for the bulb android app. but there does not seem to be a way to give feedback on the display within the bulb website.

Hi @tony2 Thanks for flagging this issue with us and I’m glad to see you’re able to view your usage data again.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to recover the readings for the period that the connection was lost, so the graph won’t be backdated with this data.

@mandm I’d like to pass on your feedback on the usage, if you have a Smets2 meter then you should be able to see real time usage on your In Home Display. Regarding the export, are you on the export tariff with Bulb?

Hi Mathew,

I do have a SMETS2 smart meter. My export is not with Bulb. My IHD6 in-home display has a number of programming faults that are still uncorrected by Chameleon even though I have reported them and keep it connected to WiFi. Please do pass on my feedback, that will hopefully drive the App and the web version towards a good solution that will also include raw data download.

@mandm thanks for getting back to me with some more info. I know that Bulb Community have expressed a desire to be able to export data / create API for their smart usage data and this is something we’ve passed on to the smart team and our developers