Bulb usage overestimates

Is anyone else having trouble with bulb estimating usage even though meter readings are supplied on time?
I even had a chat with one of their advisors who took my readings, and still I ended up with an estimated bill. And they always overestimate. The consequence of which will be ongoing over projections of what my future usage will be. I have asked for a refund since I am £90 in credit. They have at least agreed this.

Hi Francis,

We’re really sorry that you’re having trouble with the estimated usage. I’m glad that we managed to refund you the credit you were due.

It might help if I explain how estimates, and our billing work. Your bill is generated on the same day every month. On this day we need a meter reading so we know how much to bill you for your energy. If we don’t have a reading within two days of this date,
we will use an estimate. If the meter reading has been entered just before this window, the estimate will be very accurate - like when Ellie entered your reading. If it has been a while since the last reading, it may not.

Our estimates are generated using the average annual usage for your property, which gets more accurate with the more readings we get from you. They are equally as likely to be under estimated as over estimating, depending on what you use - we really don’t want to be over charging you.

If you would like your bill to be generated using your actual reading, then please submit it at most 2 days before your bill is generated. We’re sorry this is not ideal, but for the moment, it is how all energy companies have to generate bills. When smart meters are rolled out (from early 2018) we will be able to use your actual reading every time.

I hope this makes sense. If you would like to discuss further, please just give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, I would be really happy to go through it with you :slight_smile: