Bulb want 2 Electricity Meter readings, but ours only has 1

I’ve been trying to submit meter readings via the Bulb app which has worked fine for gas. However, when it comes to electricity, they are asking for two readings but our meter only has the one. I therefore entered a generic 00000 along with the reading shown on my meter. This has now led to a high first bill because they have estimated the usage on one of the meters as starting from 0. Has anyone experienced similar?

@Ryan_22, if the request from Bulb does not match your meter information, you need to get in contact with them as soon as possible to get this changed.

Putting in 00000 will have rather upset the system but Bulb will be able to correct this.

Best to give them a ring to sort this out (0300 30 30 635)

@Ryan_22 this is related to a type of meter that British Gas rolled out that gave cheap (or even free…?) electricity on Saturdays or Sundays. And then looking at the notes on your account, there was a recent meter exchange, and we don’t have the details for the new meter. But it looks like my colleague Tom is sorting this for you – just to warn you, though, it can take a few weeks or even months for our billing system to cope with a different-than-expected meter.