Bulb want to set my balance to zero all of a sudden

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Been with Bulb now for a number of years now and whilst my balance was over £300 in debit, I’ve been overpaying slightly at £145.00 (Energy use is around £110) to eat into that and after my last payment is down to £103.00. Received an email from Bulb yesterday where they want to increase my payment to £225.00!! which I’m assuming will reduce the balance to zero. Seems strange that this has suddenly happened when, though do wonder if its because I have a complaint on the go owing to them dragging their heals with fitting a gas smart meter and me threatening to take my business elsewhere.

Anyone else had this issue or find it strange for them to do this?


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You’re pretty much correct here- we recommend increasing direct debits when an account has debt on it and the monthly payments aren’t currently enough to stop further debt building on the account.

Of course there are a number of factors to this including how often we get meter readings to see whether your use is the same/increasing/decreasing etc. If over the warmer months we get reads that show use is less, the amount will clear the debt faster and you’d be able to adjust it down to your use.

It’s not because there’s a complaint open. We aim to review the amount, date and frequency of your automatic payments at least twice a year to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little. We ensure your payments cover your consumption and any debt. It’s in our terms 4.4.6 as well if you’re interested.

In terms of your gas meter- do you have a semi-concealed gas meter? If so, at the moment only Morrison Data Services can do these installations and they can’t do gas only at the moment- it has to be dual fuel.

Hope that helps explain a bit more!

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Is it just a money grabbing scheme , they seem to be doing this (and worse) to a lot of their customers

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