Bulb Website Design is horrible

I am sorry but I feel that the Bulb website looks horrible and needs design changes. I am paying monthly but whenever I login the interface doesn’t look appealing.

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Hey @kamalgurung Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

We’re sorry you feel this way. We get lots of compliments about our designs but we’re also always looking to improve our service where possible. What do you have in mind?

Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb thank you for your reply. Please don’t feel sorry. The design looks very primitive. Like it should make us feel good whenever we login to our Bulb account. As a customer I would like to see a nice appealing design whenever I login for any activities lets say for payments or downloading statements.

I have to disagree totally…I LOVE it!!! Everything is nicely laid out and functional. I even like the colours. The website is fine, some people are have got weird thinking


@kamalgurung Ok, we appreciate the feedback. So your suggestion would be to have some illustrations in the online Bulb account, possibly similar to the pictures that are on our email communications?

@ky326vvb I am not being weird, its my opinion, you are free to put your opinion and disregard mine, we can always agree to disagree but the current layout is very primitive and doesn’t give me a cheerful mind whenever I login.

@Sophiem_at_Bulb small icons well designed and appealing colors whatever makes us feel cheerful.

I also disagree … I LOVE its simplicity. Many websites are so busy … it’s confusing.
Respect to those who dislike it but I enjoy my monthly log-in to submit my meter readings.
Well done Bulb!