Bulb website problem can't submit meter readings

I can log on ok to my bulb account, look at other stuff on there, however when i click on sbmit meter readings / electricity i get a spinning circle thing in the middle of the screen.

It just stays like it, refreshing / logging out / in makes no difference, when i get to that point again, just get circle thing, no error message or anthing else.

Was like it yesterday too, tried different browser, same thing.

Website having issues ?

How long have you waited? It sometimes takes 30+ seconds to actually respond!

I’ve left it hours !

The rotating circle thing sometimes disapears after a min, then just blank blue empty page with Bulb / community / Help / signout headder at the top.

Sometimes I’ve had it time out, where as you say the spinner disappears and then nothing happens. But usually a page refresh fixes it the next time.

Sounds like you need to raise an issue with Bulb customer support.