Bulbs account and sort code

Hi. Can I have you account and sort code to make additional payments to my account, I’m aware there may be other methods but this is my preferred way of making additional payments. Whilst I’m asking; what is the correct reference to use as I don’t seem to have an account number other than my meter serial numbers? Cheers in anticipation…

@Diagnostic thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the payments.

All members are able to make top-up payments through the “Change my payment details” box in MyBulb.

For privacy reasons, we won’t be able to discuss payments through the community forum. However, if you can reach us at help@bulb.co.uk or give us a call from next Tuesday onwards (when our call lines re-open) to discuss a top-up payment.

@Diagnostic, out of interest, what’s wrong with the top up page that makes you want to top up by bank transfer?

@Diagnostic, out of interest, what's wrong with the top up page that makes you want to top up by bank transfer?

Hi mowcius

Sorry for the delay in answering; I’m an engineer and have been away in the States doing my stuff…

My reasoning is simple really; when I make a payment from my bank account it happens immediately as far as I’m aware or care. IE. my balance changes the moment I make a payment, the Bulb way might take a week {OR MORE} to appear on my account. I simply prefer the former, I’m very money conscious and want to see whats happening with my account when I choose and not be reliant on an external influence… I’m simply not happy with the way Bulb insist on doing things. Oh and for that matter; only 10% GREEN gas also offends me! but I won’t get started on GREEN energy otherwise I’d have a lot more to say than is relevant… Regards

Hi @Diagnostic, the Bulb transfers are a request in the same way that you might pay for an item in a store via a credit card. Therefore they should be immediately (pending) from your bank once you request the top-up.

Do you use Monzo (or similar modern bank) to get instantaneous notifications of that kind of thing?

Bank transfers into an account typically involve some manual work to ensure that payments are added to the correct account so if you transferred via bank transfer, it may go out of your bank account immediately, but unlike the existing top-up system, it could even take a couple of days to appear on your Bulb account balance.

I'm simply not happy with the way Bulb insist on doing things.
I think this may be a rather incorrect statement. Bulb on many occasions have stated that they're always open to suggestions and are constantly looking to improve. They're still a new company with a lot to learn and it's going to take time to figure out and implement the systems and funcationality that members and the community would like to see.
only 10% GREEN gas also offends me
This has been also discussed a few times and although I personally would also like to see a 100% green gas option, there are a number of reasons why no suppliers offer this. The best is probably Good Energy who carbon offset the rest of their gas supply (the other 92%) by investing in green energy initiatives in other companies. If you're looking for the greenest energy company, Bulb may not be it (although there are some eco issues with all green suppliers I've looked at), but they are open, community focussed, and affordable.

@Diagnostic We use a payment provider so that the payments from your bank account can be verified and confirmed before adding the credit to your account.

The provider we use one of the most commonly used direct debit/debit card transaction provider and it’s required for us to take payments from your bank account rather than you making payments to our bank account as the payment can be tracked through the payment system and our billing system, but it’s almost unfeasible to manage things the other way round.

You know how much the amount taken is going to be each month, we can’t change the payment amount without telling you of the change and we most likely wouldn’t change the amount without you expecting it due to higher/lower consumption than your payment amount.

I hope this is all clear,

Not really Rob; what you have just stated sounds like “bull-shit”
It’s simply LTD the way you prefer I make OVER-PAYMENTS.
So why not cut the BULL and just say!

Not really Rob; what you have just stated sounds like “bull-shit”
How about we keep these discussions civil?
It’s simply LTD the way you prefer I make OVER-PAYMENTS.
I don't really understand this sentence but making assumptions is a dangerous game. If you think you're paying more each month than you're using in energy, drop your monthly direct debit to just under what you use, then top up your account each month via MyBulb to account for the difference. This may not be a Bulb approved approach but so long as you keep up to it, I doubt they'd have an issue with it.

I don’t work for Bulb so have no insider knowledge on how their payment systems function but I do have experience working at other companies with similar payment situations.
When people pay by bank transfer, this involves manual human input to check the payment, and then add the payment to the relevant account. As people rarely actually manage to use the correct references, I’ve never seen a company have a system that will do this automatically. Manual work is what Bulb are trying to get rid of as much as possible. Automated systems are cheaper and will save all of us customers money in the long run.

As much as Bulb are community focussed and like to hear input from their members, you did agree to their payment processes on sign-up:

3.8. You agree to pay for your energy by monthly automatic payment from your debit card, which you need to set-up as a condition of us working together and supplying your energy.

Perhaps you’d be happier on a prepay meter? They’re going to start supplying those within a month or so.

The approach is a standard across almost every retail experience I can think of that uses recurring monthly payments.
Tracking hundreds of thousands of payments every month through a bank account would require a significant amount of time compared to a payment system.

Thanks, @mowcius you’ve covered most of the major points too.