Bulb's customer service phone lines need to open on SATURDAY MORNINGS!!!

Bulb has grown fast, BUT customer services have NOT kept up.
The waiting times on Bulb’s phone lines are creeping up to more than TEN MINUTES now. The opening times need to be extended URGENTLY. They’re currently open Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm.
I would suggest they extend to 8 pm Monday to Friday and open SATURDAY mornings for the first time from 9 am to 1 pm
Anyone else agree with this?? Any comment from Bulb??
Your new competitor Green (dot) Energy has phone lines open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm!!
By the way, Green (dot) Energy are the cheapest provider in my area for my usage according to MSE Cheap Energy Club, (cheaper than Bulb even by £34 a year) However, I choose to stay with Bulb for now.


Can’t believe no one agrees with me. Is everyone really happy with Bulb’s phone line opening hours???

Absolutely agree with you @ky326vvb. Contacting Bulb customer service has become increasingly difficult as their customer numbers have grown. They need to be more accessible and have longer opening hours.
I also checked out Green.energy and for me (average user for both gas and electricity) they are £152 per year cheaper!
I too am sticking with Bulb for the time being, but they really do need to address their deteriorating competitiveness for both customer service and pricing.


Update 2.40 pm Thursday 10th October 2019. Just tried ringing Bulb Customer Services on
0300 30 30 635. The automated message said they are exceptionally busy and the minimum wait time is TWENTY MINUTES!!! I requested a call back…it came after 27 minutes of waiting! This is proof customer services need to IMPROVE by employing more staff and EXTENDING phone line opening hours!!!

Still cannot believe so few Bulb customers care about this issue!!!

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Green.Energy are who i am in the process of signing up with. I haven’t had any issues with bulb but i cant justify staying with them and paying £160 more. i just hope my final bill appears from bulb as i have seen a few people saying they are still waiitng 6 weeks after!

People probably do agree with you, but they don’t like all the question marks, exclamation marks and capital letters when you ask them.

If Bulb decided to extend their hours, their costs would go up and we would end up paying for it.

Bulb are already a lot more expensive than some of the competition, and they can’t afford to lose even more customers by raising their prices even higher.

I personally wish we could go back to a time where we all don’t need to work silly shift patterns because everyone wants everything open all the time. I applaud Bulb for not opening at weekends and giving their staff a break.