Bulbs ends on Thursday???

Hi all, just seen on MSE that the price war is hotting up and in the first paragraph copied and pasted below, states that Bulb’s deal ends on Thursday. Can anyone share any light on that?

The energy battle rumbles into its second week. Last week’s corkers are still here - British Gas & EDF’s 1yr fixes and a variable deal from mid-sized Bulb. E.on has since entered the fray with a 1yr fix, while EDF has launched a hot 2yr fix. Some tiddlers charge less, but many of you tell us you prefer a biggie. These 1yr fixes, in particular, are standouts as they’re easily the cheapest Big 6 deals, but it’s key you check if you can save ASAP, as Bulb’s deal ends on Thu and we don’t know how long the others will last.

@darryl5653 Click the Bulb link in the table on that MSE page and you’ll see:

Ends 5pm Thu. Greenest of the cheap deals: Bulb - excellent service + £65 MSE boost.
Bulb’s Vari-Fair deal is one of the market’s cheapest including £25 MSE cashback and an extra £40 bill credit from Bulb if you switch gas and electricity. Plus it comes with top service