Bulbs error lost my electric supply

I decided to leave bulb after being with them for about a year. I was fed up of waiting for a smart meter so signed up with Utilita (PAYG) who offered me one and easy online top ups. A couple of days after the switch my electric turned off leaving me and my vulnerable daughter without. After contacting Utilita and checking the meter we discovered that Bulb had put a £109.66 debt on my PAYG meter which wiped out any credit I had resulting in the electric turning off. Utilita came out within 3 hours and replaced the meter with a smart meter so we could get the electric back on (this was a Saturday). After many live chats with Bulb who at first denied all knowledge of the this debt, they finally admitted that they had made a mistake collecting the standing charges and they did indeed put this debt on the meter when I left. Strange how they noticed this mistake the day I left and not during the year I was with them.

I am happily with Utilita now with Smart PAYG meters with a proper informative account page and online top ups.

It would seem that the shiny armour of the once good knights at blub is becoming somewhat tarnished

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Hi @twofishfeet

Firstly, a rather ironic to the Bulb community. I’m sorry your first post was to raise these issues.

I can see you have an open complaint with Bulb on this, so advise responding there to keep all the details in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of should you choose to escalate the issue. Unfortunately, what has happened here is that your prepay meter’s debt recovery rate was inadvertently set to 0% whilst with us.

That meant when you activated the emergency credit none of your subsequent top-ups went to clearing that debt. Whilst there is emergency credit debt owed, daily standing charge is added to that debt. This was allowed to build to the £109.66 as no money was being taken from top-ups to clear it.

This is a fault of ours, and I can see we are in the process of discussing compensation with you. If you could carry on conversations there we can work to get this resolved for you. Once again, I’m very sorry for the problems you’ve had.