Bulb's overcharging needs to stop!

Can someone explain to me how Bulb are getting away with this overcharging?! I have raised a complaint and am going through the process now (it’s been months overall but weeks dealing with the “CEO complaints team”). They agreed that my readings were transposed from the offset and that they would backdate my billing from October 2018 to ensure it was all correct (after months of increasing my DD to amounts that were absurd!) and I was shocked this morning to receive a bill that only covered the period Feb 2020 - October 2020, they used estimated readings even though they have my actual ones for that period then (and this is the worst part) they’ve still overcharged me for 985 kWh!! I have now blocked my direct debit and will be taking this to the ombudsman as this is an absolute outrage!


Just so everyone can see -

Rate 04 meter readings used on the bill
43135 - 41062 = 2073.

Total on the right of what was charged for rate 04 = 2718 difference of 645

Rate 03 meter readings used on the bill
27724 - 27139 = 585

Total on the right of of what was charged for rate 03 = 925 difference of 340

Total difference that I have been overcharged = 985 kWh

Totally sympathise
I use around £55 a month in my holiday home. Yet every month they increase my payments, I’m around £100 in credit, but they are increasing my payments to £95.
I’ve emailed them but they don’t even show the courtesy to respond.

Are your meter readings supplied to Bulb each month and are these shown on your statements?

I’m sorry to hear that Ian. 50% increase is unfair and unjust in my opinion. I’m sad to hear that no one has replied to you yet either. I am currently now calculating my usage vs what their rates were to once again prove how inaccurate their system/calculations are. I shouldn’t have to do this. I’ve never heard of any other company making their customers do this to put right their errors.

Not really relevant to my issue here but yes I provided meter readings for this period but they were ignored and they used their estimates instead. My issue is how these figures are on the same statement (which was apparently ‘recalculated’ after they admitted there was an error with my first meter readings received from my previous supplier) and the totals differ by 985 kWh! Blatant overcharging.

It wasn’t clear but my query about meter readinsg was in response to the situation mentioned by ian.chaundy

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Hi @peachp

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had ongoing issues with the transposed readings in your Bulb Account. If this has been escalated to the Ombudsman, this will be resolved through their portal. If not please respond to the complaint thread with the CEO team.


I’m responding to your most recent email, so we can discuss the payments on your account. I’m really sorry for the delay