Bulb's reluctance to change £269 Monthly estimate!

Just been talking to Bulb as I had an email come through saying my monthly payments should change to £269 as that’s what they estimated my usage was. There was a small debit on the account which occurred from the botched smart meter roll out at the beginning of last year which took Bulb over 7months to issue me with a statement (monthly payments were still being paid) but I was happy to pay this off and set the right amount on the DD.

After presenting the figures of my account and the fact my annual statement showed I clearly didn’t use that much energy per month (average of the year would come to around £110) I got the impression because the computer said ‘no’ they had no way of changing it.

The fact I’ve been with Bulb for 3 years they have enough historical data to know my usage patterns. All they’ve done with their point blank refusal to look at the numbers is that straight after the conversation I switched suppliers.

I know this doesn’t mean a great deal to a company that probably loses/gains thousands of customers each month but the difference from when I joined Bulb to where it is now is stark. They’re almost getting too big and can’t cope, issues a lot of the big suppliers faced when people starting leaving to the small start ups.

/rant over


I managed my direct debit amounts through the app. Does it not allow you to change it yourself?

Maybe you’ve you’ve a large outstanding balance that the direct debits are taking into account to clear?

The app lets you manage the DD but you can only change it to 10% under what they estimate your usage is.

The debit wasn’t too big about £90 so I said to customer support I’d pay that off and start with a clean slate and set the DD slightly higher with the average usage coming from the last annual statement. There was probably too much logic in that so they said no we want you to pay at least £220 a month for a 3 bed semi where my highest monthly bill last winter was around £115 and summer about £70!

Unfortunately it could of been sorted very quickly but hey-hum off to pastures new.

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Hi @FrattonEnder and welcome to our Community

I’m really sorry for the experience you’ve had. I’m going to send you an email and we can re-review this for you.

I am in the same situation, however they want £296 monthly. They may claim they’re green and clean…pity their customer service is not as helpful. £296 is some peoples mortgages! I am a single parent with one child in a small 3 bed, no hot tub, no big electric device…yet they will not take £150 monthly. I will probably move too! Shame on you Bulb!

Hi @claredavies8888 and welcome to our Community

I’m really sorry about this situation. I’m going to send you an email now and re-review this for you.

Hi @zaraivy,

I’m really sorry for the experience you’ve had.
We report accounts that use our brand assets like our name or any accounts spamming our pages

It’s not the case at all that we do not speak with you, I can see that you’re having a discussion with my colleague Marissa via email. We want to make sure that we’re helping and that we reach a resolution that you’re happy with. The best way to resolve this issue would be to respond to her latest email and we can go from there.

At the moment I am receiving texts to say I’ve stop my DD, emails saying I’ve stopped my DD, emails from a number of people from Bulb, emails to say how are we doing. I am stressed out totally! I know I stopped my DD because I am not paying £296 per month! Goodness I could get a car for that!

@claredavies8888 We do send out automated communications when a member cancels their Direct Debit, as this is something that we need to have set up your account.

Nonetheless, I completely understand that this is a frustrating situation and we want to sort this out for you. I can see that you currently have a complaint open with my colleague Aletia, so I would advise that we keep everything together in that complaint thread. She will be replying to you shortly and will be able to help come to resolution with you there.

Thank you, its been so stressful.

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I’ve had enough of Bulb and there lack of communication. I am moving and they can take me to court for the supposed outstanding debt! I am stressed and annoyed, how dare Bulb take readings and keep my payments at a low DD then turn up with £292 per month! I am off and everyone I know who are with Bulb are going too! Martin Lewis will be discussing this one day no doubt!

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Hi @claredavies8888, Aletia is going to request a manager callback for you, as requested in your last email. I hope that we can get things sorted for you and answer any further questions through this channel.

Your customer service and billing is shocking! I am now seeking advice!

Hi @claredavies8888, I can see that my colleague has offered you our final position on the matter of your account earlier this week. If you’re unhappy with this settlement, you can escalate this externally, following the information in that email.

Bulb think they have settled my problem by passing me on to the CAB! Shame on Bulb

I am in exactly the same situation, my monthly usage is normally about £40, no I suddenly have an estimated bill of £299 a month! I am not able to pay this, and my electricity usage had not changed. I have been through a long round of totally useless emails to get it rectified but still blub say they are taking £299 next payment. I will be leaving.

Hi @suzie.hacker

I’m sorry to hear this has happened. It looks like we had a bill on your account that was stuck in ‘draft’.

I’m going to look into the reason for this now and drop you an email so we can resolve this as soon as possible.

A pattern…clairedavies, suziehacker…and now me.
I sent an email with detailed usage analysis, payments, economy 7, winter increase etc. I have a credit balance over £370. My average over the last 12 months been £146/month…but payi£200…hence the huge credit balance.
I too wanted to reduce my DD but was limited to a 10% reduction ( but maybe not this month).
I am a little confused but not a little innumerate

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Hi @Talkingtomyself Thanks for your comment and welcome to Bulb Community :wave:

I can see you’ve got an ongoing discussion with my colleague about this, so don’t want to confuse this by addressing your credit balance here as well.

Your direct debit will come into effect for your next payment date, but it does look like we may be able to reduce this further

My discussion with two of your colleagues is causing confusion.
Having established my monthly payment/cost is circa £146, which includes winter, economy 7, standing charge etc.
I am £327 in credit.
I will pay a further £220 on 28th August… credit balance £547 less use, about£96…so a balance in excess of £430. And they offer me a refund of less than half.
I want to reduce DD to the mutually agreed usage figure of c£146/155.
But no!!
Not only can I not have my own money! I can’t reduce the DD by more than 10%.
In this surreal time-wasting alternative reality I pointlessly keep a most detailed record of every email, message, statement etc.
Volume One available soon.