Bunch of Crooks

I’m a brand new member of Bulb. Thankyou so much for your welcoming greetings and friendly approach. But NOT thanks for immediately putting up the cost by £1.61 a month. I have just done a comparison prior to chosing BULB, and then you go and spoil it all by syaing something stupid like “We want more money” - So it’s a goodbye from me to you crooked crooks who lure you in with false promises and then swipe me with your sting in your tail.

usually camparison sites are pretty quick on tariff changes, wonder how this one slipped through the net?

I signed up to a variable tariff and now I’m mad that it has varied.

You’ve been unlucky for sure but this will always be a risk you take when signing up to a variable tariff. To be fair to Bulb (for a change) this is the first time the tariff has changed in many months.

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Likewise. Signed up 7th Feb, 1st payment take 28th Feb, price increase notification 1st March.
Interesting that comparison sites are showing the “old” prices and not what you will be paying.

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I’ve also switched recently and am a high user of electric as we don’t have mains gas and have a heat pump for heating. The unit price has increased by over 13%! I’ve now had to switch again to a fixed price tariff and I won’t be signing up to variable tariffs again.

Thanks for this thread. I have been reading the Community here after signing up on the 25th February. I was starting to consider whether I had made the right choice. Some concerns regarding the progress of the company as a whole.

After reading the above posts I went back onto the comparison site and see the quote I was given is already nearly £5 a month more. So have cancelled my switch with Bulb.

I will wait a few days for the cancellation to be complete and look for another company with a fixed tariff.My heating etc is all electric so it isn’t worth being with a company on a variable tariff, that has already increased by £60 a year before I have even started using them.


@angie Octopus Agile if you can avoid 4-7pm heating :grimacing: Get the house toasty before…


Thanks @phproxy that looks like a really good offer. Especially with my storage heaters. Will look into this more :grinning:

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