Business supplies - CRN required?

I suggested to some friends of mine who are opening a coffee shop that they should look at Bulb, but they were told that they couldn’t switch as they don’t have a CRN.

Is there any way around this (aside from setting up as a company)?
Can they just get a standard residential supply for a business address as it’s not a registered company?

@mowcius - we currently don’t sign up businesses without CRN because of the risk associated with sole traders. I suspect the coffee shop premises currently have a commercial license, so their meter will likely be registered as a commercial meter. If they want to include energy in their accounts for tax purposes, it needs to be a business supply

@“Ralf at Bulb”, that all makes sense. Might there be the possibility of this changing with the rollout of smart meters? A way to bill sole traders so as to reduce the risk?