Business Tariff switch to Domestic tariff

Hi I currently belong to a charity which supplies 12 residential bungallows for the elderly,

currently . 1 x 3 phase meter supplies all 12 bungallows we are on a business rate with Bulb and wondered if we could switch to a domestic rate?

Hi @Gilbert67 :wave:

So if the 3 phase meter was still supplying all 12 properties and run by the charity, then we would need to bill it on a business tariff. However if you were planning on having separate meters installed for each property or something similar, then we could look at getting that sorted for you.

The best place to get this arranged would be with our business team, so if you dropped them an email at, then they would be able to help you out.

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks Luke we were trying to get a cheaper rate for our elderly residents currently we are not benefiting from the domestic price cap because we are classed as a business user.

All heating is old fashioned storage heaters so is causing financial hardship for our residents.

Any indication on when energy prices will drop and now bulb is in special administration will you drop the price when the market rate falls like before special administration?

Hey @Gilbert67

I am sorry to hear about the financial hardship the heating is causing, I am just going to attach a link that shows some ways to help customers who are struggling with energy costs this may be useful with any financial difficulties caused by energy usage.

If there is a change in our energy tariffs, Bulb will provide notice in advance of a change and we will do this with our members preferred communication method. We do regular updates on energy news in our Bulb Blog which may be of interest.

Please let us know if you have any further questions :house:

– Carl :bulb: