Buying a house and switching to bulb

Hi folks,

I’ve just bought a house and asked bulb to provide gas and electric, but they aren’t interested in my meter readings that were taken on move in day, they only want them from mid Jan. So who pays for the gas and electric used in the meantime as I have no contract or contact with the existing supplier (I don’t even know who they are or how I would find this out).

Cam I just submit my 19th Dec readings as my Jan 10th and save myself 3 weeks of set fees that bulb don’t seem to be interested in?

Any advice greatly welcomed (if you can’t tell, this is my first house), cheers


Bulb will be responsible for supplying you energy as from the mid Jan date. Until then the current supplier of the property will be responsible until the changeover date and it them you need to provide you move in meter readings

It is you who will pay for the energy between your moving in date and your switch to Bulb and it will be paid to the current supplier of the property.

Please see: to find the current suppliers for your new home.

In addition to what @Allanr said, you could also ask your solicitor (if purchase) or your agent/landlord (if tenant) who the previous occupiers were paying. Ideally they would have already listed this on any paperwork you’ve been given, that’s what I would do when moving out just to make the new occupiers life a bit easier, but it doesn’t always happen.

As nice as that would be, no, you can’t do that.

You have to pay whoever is supplying the property at the moment. Since energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties, and so you don’t have any choice at this point who that company is. The property is using whoever the previous occupiers selected, and that’s who you must continue to use until your switch date. For future reference, when moving in you should get your account opened with the existing supplier and payment arranged before starting a supplier switch.

Thanks for the responses folks. Figured out it is British gas and managed to get an account set up with then just so that I can leave. 🤦 Guess it’s just another part of the house buying process that was designed by a drunk 4-year old.