Buying an Electric Vehicle

Good evening.

I’m a Bulb customer. I am buying a Skoda Enyaq EV. It should be with me in a couple of months. I have a smart meter at home. However, I assume it is an older style meter as I’m giving Bulb manual readings.

I therefore assume that there is no way for me to charge my vehicle at home at a cheaper rate with Bulb?

I’m trying to get everything in place before I get the car. I’d rather stay with Bulb (even given the latest rises) but there is no point staying if I’m unable to get a cheaper rate when charging my EV.

Hey @Maitland :wave:

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It sounds like you have a first generation smart meter that hasn’t been connected to yet- we’re in the process of connecting to these so when we’re able to connect to it we should be able to look into switching the tariff for you.

When-ish should the car be here? We can take a look to see if we can connect to it within the timeline :eyes:

The car should be here at the end of August. Can I just ask what the cost per KW would be for charging the EV on the new Tariff?


Hi @Maitland :wave:

This help article outlines the details of the EV tariff. Let us know if there’s anything this doesn’t quite answer though, and we’ll be happy to help.