Buying bulb t-shirts

Where can I purchase Bulb t-shirts from. Can I visit the office and buy. I live very close.

Hello, we normally have some extras at the office, could you drop us a DM with your size and I’ll see what we can do?

Good plan agent fjdfjd.
When you get inside the headquarters try to locate the “Price Drop Soon” file (probably on the CEO’s desk) then upload to Wikileaks and let everyone know your findings. :wink:


Well that’s no good now you’ve given the game away!! :roll_eyes:

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No one from Bulb actually reads these posts…do they? :open_mouth:

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Good point! Though they do take the time to reply to dumb requests for t-shirts :upside_down_face: :boom:


Why would anyone want to pay to give their energy supplier free advertising? Seems a bit retro thinking to me

So that they can wear the shirts whilst out recruiting and look like they are working for Bulb.


Think I would want more than £50 to dress like a pink teletubbie


Could I have a t shirt please

obviously haven’t seen this request yet, mabe Chloe’s having a bad hair day