Bye Bye Bulb - Hello Avro

I’d have liked to have stayed with Bulb, but like many others the price increase and them telling me that I need to build a huge buffer was the final straw, I always entered my meter readings on time and for the last six months I was using around £65 per month. Bulb then tell me the £91 I pay a month will be raised to £116.59 despite being around £200 in credit.
Even my final bill shows my total projected annual use at £1150 so it just doesn’t add up. I’ve moved to Avro where both the unit prices and standing charges are less than Bulb and they’re asking for £80 a month, the whole process has been very straight-forward and my unused £159 credit is pending return, Good luck if you’re staying.


I think I will be joining you. My payments where 75 a month, but bulb want to increase them to 127 even though no single month had been anywhere near that amount. I explained that our consumption would decrease as son has left home ETC. Bulb ignored all the reasons and regular meter readings that show next month consumption to be around £50, they have suggested I contact a debit management company to help me although I never mentioned I can’t afford to pay the bills. Highly offended by Jay from bulb, I suggest everyone finds another supplier as this one just wants all your spare cash in their bank account.

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I too am leaving Bulb, I know prices have increased but they said my last statement was £256! There is only myself and two boys in the house and at the time we had no heating on! I was originally paying £85 how the hell does it rocket like that?!
I have tried to chat on live chat, I was 456 in the queue! Emailed them twice and have still heard nothing back from them.
Totally shocked is an understatement :pensive:

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My account is in credit, and they’ve changed my direct debit from £65 to £128!! I waited for the online chat for 40odd mins, got through to only get the odd sentence back after 10 mins each time, wasted all morning on there chat line, it’s a joke,
And just like a real bulb they can screw it!

They ket my monthly payment way above what I wanted, so now I am £1400 in credit.
I think this is their business model, they are almost impossible to contact, phone is emergency use only and when you try, a 20 minute wait,
Their chatbot takes you down a hole with no contact to bulb staff, just ‘this is how you…’
I emailed on 3 different days, every time I got an auto acknowledge, but no contact back. But each time they had the cheek to send an email saying ‘how did we do?’ when they hadnt sent a reply at all.
So now I have to take action to stop payments to them and switch, worst customer service ever.

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Cancel your direct debit until your credit reduces to an acceptable level.

Why did you allow the credit to get to such an high value, regardless of whether Bulb responded to any queries from you?