Bye Bye Bulb - I will not miss the worst customer service ever

Saga: Smart meter installed in March last year, IHD not working for months. However at least Bulb could read my smart meter. IHD started working properly in November. IHD upgraded to correct operating version in Dec. Then from Jan 16th, IHD stopped working, Bulb no longer receive my Smart Meter readings. Feb 01 I get an ESTIMATED bill, and I HAVE A SMART METER. I can take the glitches in the system, maybe it is not even Bulbs Fault. But WHAT I CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I can never get through on the phone, they never answer my emails. Just radio silence. I hear they are losing money, I can only imagine they have a disenfranchised workforce, with chaos and carnage in there office. So tonight I am switching, Bulb this has been the single worst customer service from anyone I have ever experienced in my entire 51 years on this planet. Bulb - you suck!

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A succinct summary of Bulb over the last 12 months.

Smart meters have their troubles that affect all suppliers. But I don’t think anyone has made such a hash of this as Bulb. As you say, even when the whole system is working and Bulb can read the smart meter, their own systems are so utterly terrible that they can’t even do the basics of billing properly using those data.

Come on Bulb you have ONE JOB - produce a bill based on meter readings. Yes I know in reality there’s a lot more work to do in running an energy supplier, but billing based on meter readings is the first and most important thing to get right, no?

Terrible management.


I would beg to differ on that.
1 How to run a company most inefficiently.
2 how to PISS OFF customers on an all to frequent basis
Both of which they are exceptionally good at, excel at even

How many bulb executives does it take to change a light bulb?

Spare a thought for those working on the front line for Bulb who I assume must see all the negative comments on this forum and also on the Bulb Facebook page and are powerless to do anything about it. Remember the early days when amongst some excellent Bulb people were the likes of Eleanor who used to be on the forum most days and resolve queries from customers?

I switched from Bulb last month and they produced my final bill within about two weeks and I am just waiting for the amount I owe them to be taken from my bank (shown as pending at the moment). On this basis my dealings with Bulb during my 20 months or so with them has been very positive. shame their deliberations on reducing their prices in line with other suppliers has gone into limbo.


I am aware of the front line staff, most of whom do a great job under what must be a very difficult and thankless task most of which is outwith their control, but if you read the comments you will find that most of them are directed at the upper echelons of management in the hope(forlorn) that this will be brought to their attention, although they seem to be keeping their heads and their collective A&E’s well below the parapet

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waiting over a year for a smart meter, I have given up and switched to octopus, that will have mine sorted in a few weeks apparently, pm me for a referral if you p[planning to join them, cheers.


LOL cheers for the Like Hooloovoo, I got a badge for my first like with the ironic description ->‘This badge is granted when you receive your first like on a post. Congratulations, you’ve posted something that your fellow community members found interesting, cool, or useful!’

I would be extremely surprised if the higher echelons were not aware of the disquiet aired on this forum, they seem more intent on publishing a new article every couple of days on their Facebook page which results in a multitude of people saying how great Bulb are so that they can push their personal referral links.


Fortunately I am not a subscriber to unsocial media and do not have to read their crap, but as they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So far my experience with bulb has been relatively trouble free, but if that changes I shall be saying Vale In Sempiternum

Only joined at the end of last year, a 2 person household and have a January bill of over 200 pounds. Submitted reading Jan 8th and again yesterday. This cannot be right, need to speak to bulb, having a bad experience and am going to switch whatever the outcome.

It’s easy enough to work out for yourself if it’s right or not, by looking at your own meter readings and doing some very simple maths to work out what the bill should be, and whether it’s right or not. It’s easy to verify the calculation shown on the bill, and confirm if the meter readings agree with what you’ve provided.

Now I fully acknowledge that you shouldn’t have to do this, but it’ll give you confidence about your bills and by knowing exactly what is wrong (if there is anything wrong) it’ll provide you with more ammunition when trying to get Bulb to acknowledge a problem.

And sadly bulb do nothing about these people spamming their referral links. Nor do they do anything about the ones paying for advertising on Facebook

Both of which are breaches of their terms and there was a time it would have led to the links being deactivated. Sadly they don’t seem to care now


Both of which are breaches of their terms and there was a time it would have led to the links being deactivated. Sadly they don’t seem to care now.

They have never cared about abuse of referral links, as that is how the customer base was able to expand so quickly - in fact the main culprits were often praised for their efforts by some of the Bulb team.

When a few customers started to object, Bulb made a brief, token effort to control the practice but they never seriously wanted it to cease and only a handful of staff could be relied upon to try to stop it.

Now that customer service has declined and people are starting to leave in increasing numbers, they’ll need these links to bring more customers back in. The problem is that Bulb is relying on everyone staying long enough to recoup the £100 referral cost, and if this doesn’t happen they’ll make a loss each time someone jumps ship for cheaper energy or better customer service…


Fair enough. I was only with bulb a year and I did see the thread on here about removing links from the forum and social media which suggested to me that maybe they cared before but guess I was wrong. It does seem (now in particular) that they are happy to turn a blind eye to abusers since it gains them customers

I can’t grumble too much about the referral scheme. I made enough from it in 2019 to pay my energy bills with bulb from sharing my link on my social media profiles but I do have quite a few followers on Twitter which helped. Only ever shared the link on my own profiles and not through paid advertising so complied with the terms unlike the abusers

Only time I’ve have cause to contact customer services has been to request a refund when my credit balance has accumulated and I have found them quick to reply then. Guess I’ve been fortunate

Left bulb now though and am now with the eight legged supplier so promoting their link instead now


My top tip for getting Bulb Customer Service to respond:

  1. Put a complaint into the Energy Ombudsman
  2. Switch to another supplier
  3. Put a bad review on Trustpilot

Three, it turns out, is the magic number. They really do not like a bad review on TrustPilot.

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I’ve been through the Energy ombudsman with bulb before and kinda got the outcome I wanted.

Even after all that, it’s still taking bulb over a month to reply to anything. As soon as I catch up from winter increased usage I’m leaving bulb. I had many issues with British gas but at least they would communicate (even if it wasn’t helpful)

That doesn’t sound any better to me.

It’s better knowing someone is answering.

I had bulb smart meters installed last April, I’ve been trying ever since to get them to take smart readings.

So far they’ve managed 2 electricity readings since then, that’s it.