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my meter is flashing call help and my gas supply is completely off. bulbs call centre is closed, their not replying to my emails or to a Facebook post. the national gas helpline said to Google bulbs out of hours phone number as it’s a problem with my meter not the gas. does anyone know how I can contact them as I can’t find this phone number anywhere! I’ve got two children under five I can’t wait till Monday to get this resolved

Gas isn’t working
If none of your gas appliances are working but you don’t smell gas, then you should call National Grid Metering on 0800 001 4340. They’ll walk you through the next steps and arrange for your gas meter to be exchanged.

Worth a try?

Is this pre pay?

I’ve already done that. apparently they don’t own my meter so won’t do anything. and the company that do own it are based in Australia

Sorry @jasmine ,

It looks like you may be out of luck if the National Grid Metering can’t help (which is odd, as that’s the suggested route for problems according to Bulb’s emergency page at ). Bulb don’t currently have any out of hours contact details (only 0300 30 30 635 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm). Sorry we can’t help.


I think needs amending to advise what to do if the meter isn’t owned by National Grid Metering? Perhaps Bulb can take this on board?

I have just looked at my elec meter hit 9 but this is now lower than last reading from smart meter. What do I do it’s a new meter 18 months never had any problems and switched to you last month