Can Bulb enrol my dormant first generation smart meter (SMETS1)?

I just became aware that BEIS requires energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to enrol SMETS1 meters in the Data Communications Company (DCC) within 12 months from when they inherit unenrolled meters.

DCC is the new company tasked to manage the smart meter communication network (facilitating a change in supplier without a loss of “smart” capabilities).

This requirement seems to have derived from one of BEIS consultations (see outcome below):

I am not sure if Bulb is in a position to comply with their requirements yet.
Has anyone been through it?

Can Bulb help getting my SMETS1 meter enrolled in the DCC so I can start benefiting from smart metering once again?

Many thanks,

Hi @Gustavo,

As you should be able to see in the stickied post ‘Bulb and smart meters’ at the top of this forum ( ), Bulb are making efforts to connect with the single-provider SMETS1 smart meters - and they think they’ll be able to currently connect to around 1/3rd of those installed.

Bulb have said (back in October) 'We’ll be contacting anyone who’s meter we can read, starting with members who have applied to join the smart tariff. ’ so I would assume if you haven’t been contacted, your meter is registered as an incompatible one. They’ve also said 'If we can’t read your SMETS1 meter now, we should be able to read it in the future. There’s a lot of government-mandated work to make SMETS1 data more accessible to energy suppliers. Once second-generation smart meters are up and running, there will also be the option to upgrade. ’

Hope it helps.

Just to add to what @RichyB has said …

Bulb are using a third-party meter operator to read approximately 1/3 of the installed SMETS1 meter stock. My Elster AS300P is one of them that they can read that was previously installed by Scottish Power, and I’m currently using the smart time-of-use tariff.

Note, though, that being able to read the meter is not necessarily the same as enrolling it in the DCC! This post by @“Selina at Bulb” confirms that the meter is not enrolled, but the process of enrolling will begin this year.

You can gain priority in having your smart meter checked to see if Bulb can communicate with it by signing up to the smart tariff, via your account dashboard. Obviously you would need to consider your usage and whether a time-of-use tariff is right for you, and not do this purely based on getting the smart functionality back.