Can Bulb explain the discrepancy on statement.

My readings were submitted on 30th Dec. yet estimates were used on 3rd Jan.
Why was this, New year holidays?

Electricity statement:
Bulb figure 277kWh@11.67 = £32.38

My figures:
277kWh@11.67 =£32.32
277kWh@11.6736 = £32.34

Where are Bulb getting the extra few pence from. The standing charge, Dual fuel discount and VAT are correct.

Perhaps for some odd reason the estimate does include decimal places (which are not shown).

Interested to know the outcome of this anyway.

I really hope Bulb has someone looking into how they do statements as I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen querying figures, and forum users are a tiny percentage of all customers.

That is why I also did a calculation at 277kWh@11.6736 = £32.34 and it still shows a 4p difference.
I suspect it does a % of a kWh when it is an estimate, but waiting on Bulb to confirm.

Hi @scudo Thanks for getting back to us with this.

This is an important point and we want to make sure that we are as transparent as possible. The estimated reading that you have for 3/1/18 is 51318.4 kWh therefore:

(277.4 x 11.6736) /100 = 32.3825

Estimated meter readings are estimated to 1 significant figure and we do not request readings as accurate as this. So, if this happens in the future to you @scudo (or you @mowcius) please note this is the reason why!

I hope that helps guys.

Hi @“George at Bulb”, I feel this is something that could really do with being improved pretty quickly as it seems to be causing plenty of confusion and concern that Bulb are sneakily taking more money than they should be!

With over 100k members so soon to be reaching their first or second month of supply, I’d expect when some of them start looking in detail at their statements, you’ll end up with a lot more queries like this.

Personally I’d probably just stick the decimal places on. It might not make the statement look quite so nice but pretty much every other supplier provides all of the decimal places so it can’t be too confusing.

Either that or ignore the decimal place in your billed amount as well if it’s legal for you to do so. It’s not exactly going to affect your bottom line…
I did ask in another thread - do your estimates to customers have to be the industry estimates or are you allowed to generate your own?

<blockquote class="Quote" rel="George at Bulb"

Estimated meter readings are estimated to 1 significant figure and we do not request readings as accurate as this.

That’s crazy. :#
Why not round the estimate to a whole number, since all readings are whole numbers?
If that’s not allowable or possible, then the number on the statement should surely include the decimal fraction.
In @scudo’s case, would the “previous reading” used to calculate his next bill be 51318 or 51318·4?

@mowcius We generate our estimates in our system, but it is based upon industry annual figures called EACs (Estimated Annual Consumption, for elec) and AQs (Annual Quantity, for gas) which have the decimal included.

@198kHz The reading that would be used would be the .4 one.

I will see if it is something we can do, to use the decimal place and show it in the bill when we use an estimated read.

We generate our estimates in our system
Can you not just remove the decimal from the estimates? No confusing extra decimals for anyone then.

Hi @mowcius
The decimal being included is a restriction from our billing system which we are unable to remove unfortunately.

It would be simpler, but we’re just not able to have the figures rounded in the billing system we use.