Can bulb help me find an installer for solar panels

i want to fit solar panels to my house but i can’t find a company i trust. thanks

I’m not sure that Bulb would recommend one installer over another. Here are two companies that have been recommended to me in the past. I haven’t actually used either (yet), and of course they may not cover where you live:

Both of these companies also offer battery storage options if you are interested in that too (it’s not cheap, though).

In case you aren’t already aware:

  • the VAT rate for solar panels is currently 5%, but is due to increase to 20% later in 2019 (September, I think)

  • FIT was completely withdrawn for new installations in March. To replace FIT, the government is mandating that energy suppliers must buy surplus energy from microgeneration (including residential solar panels) at wholesale rates, but this only becomes mandatory from Jan 2020. The new scheme is called the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Between now and Jan 2020, any electricity you generate and do not use yourself will go into the grid ‘for free’. That might affect how quickly your investment in SolarPV pays back.

I hope that helps.

If, like me, you think it’s bonkers for the government to scrap one incentive scheme before its replacement is ready, then increase tax on solar panels and then declare a climate emergency, here’s a petition you might want to sign:

thanks all

Hello who did you go with in the end on this?