Can Bulb remove Scottish Power Comfort Plus meters?

I moved into a flat with storage heaters and replaced them with panel heaters. I then switched over to Bulb as they could take any meter.

I’ve realised my panel heaters won’t turn on during the day because one of the meters is restricted.

Can Bulb take the restricted meter out or replace it so that these heaters can turn any time?

Have you got the two MPAN set-up as is usual with Comfort Plus? If so I think one MPAN can be de-energised, the radio teleswitch meter removed and a smart meter installed. In previous posts on the subject Bulb have said the smart meter installer would do the de-energising, but someone should be able to confirm my understanding.

It should also be noted that the radio signals for radio teleswitch meters will be switched off at the end of 2023, so I imagine that there’s an obligation on energy suppliers to replace any RTS meters before then.

I presume Bulb still plan as if they’ll be around at that time, so I’d be interested to hear what the plans are and what they can currently offer the OP and other customers with these legacy meters?

Bumping the thread to ask if anyone from Bulb knows what’s planned for legacy RTS meters when the radio signals cease next year?

Planned switchoff. I reckon it will be delayed (much like the smart meter rollout & SMETS1 upgrade programme).

Bulb in its current form probably won’t exist by then, so I doubt it’s high on their priority list :smirk:.

Hi @fraserw91 :wave: Welcome to Community,

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this.

I can see you were in touch with us over email in November about the same issue. Have you managed to get your heaters on during the day since then?

Also, did you get an electrician to look at why these were not working? It does sound like they have been connected to the meter that just controlled the storage heaters which is why you are stuck with them only working at night.

If we removed the second meter controlling the heaters it is likely your whole heating system would be disconnected and so an electrician’s report would help so we could have a clear understanding of what is going on.

Let me know your thoughts on this and whether anything has changed since you were last in touch.

– KT :bulb:


So given these RTS meters won’t work when the signals are switched off next year, what are the current options from Bulb for customers with this set up?

I don’t think the switch-off will happen on schedule - there are too many meters still in use (I think). Like the smart meter rollout, it will be delayed.

Yes, you said that previously. Regardless, I’d like an answer from Bulb as to what they can offer customers right now. Plenty would prefer to get their meter sorted sooner rather than later.

The current situation results in customers paying the single rate tariff for their storage heaters. The cost is exorbitant.

So back to @KatieT_at_Bulb?

It’s hardly Bulb’s fault that Scottish Power created such an unnecessarily complicated setup, and that Bulb are somehow supposed to clean up the mess. Some energy suppliers flat out refuse to even take on such customers (AIUI).

The sensible solution is to get rid of the second meter. I have seen other threads where Bulb have been able to assist with doing that, but it seems to only happen in conjunction with rewiring or replacing the heating.

I’m not blaming Bulb. AIUI all suppliers are obligated to take on these customers and as you rightly said many haven’t and SP did nothing to help anyone wishing to leave them. That Bulb took them on is to their credit.

I’ve also read plenty about what might and might not be involved in a solution and every answer is different, which is why I’d like a definitive answer. It might involve a 5-terminal smart meter. If so is re-wiring required? Is this does done by the meter installer? If not who pays for it? Does it need to be done at the same time? And countless other questions.

I’m simply asking what the process is. Somebody somewhere at Bulb must have an answer or should be able to find out.

Hi @norman7115 and @stevefoster :wave:

I have been speaking to our metering team about these questions to see if I can get an answer for you.

Does either of you have one of these types of meters?

– KT :bulb:

It’s not us that has an issue - we’re just chatting about possible scenarios for the OP. There’s no indication here whether your previous response to them produced any resolution.

My elderly parents have a Radio Telemeter Series K meter and are former SP Comfort Plus customers. One meter but 2 MPANs as described in earlier posts above. Same as the OP.

Hi @fraserw91, I have sent you an email from myself so we can get a better idea of your meter setup. Hopefully, then we can get this issue sorted for you.

@norman7115 and @stevefoster I am still chasing this one to see what Bulbs policy is on this, once I’ve heard back I will let you know.

@norman7115 do you know if your parents have 1 or 2 meters installed in the property?

– KT :bulb:

@KatieT_at_Bulb - see my previous post - “My elderly parents have a Radio Telemeter Series K meter and are former SP Comfort Plus customers. One meter but 2 MPANs as described in earlier posts above.”