Can bulb send someone to read the meter annually?

Hi all,

In my building the electricity meter is in a cupboard that you need a ladder to be able to access. This means we can’t check the meters regularly (we don’t own a ladder). We are currently on a fixed tariff with EDF and they send an engineer once a year to check the meter and then make adjustments to what we pay. Is this something that bulb can do too?


I think as a matter of course all utility companies do a physical read once a year.

But do they all carry ladders? :wink:

But do they all carry ladders? ;)
I suspect that with health and safety madness, most of them would not be allowed to climb up a ladder to go and read a meter.

Having electricity meters in a cupboard that requires a ladder to access is almost certainly in breach of some regulations though.
Probably disability regs if nothing else.

As such, I’d just recommend that you request that your landlord either provides you with meter readings monthly, or that they move the meter into an accessible position.

If it’s your own property, perhaps get the meter moved?

Bulb do state they require safe access (which acess via a ladder is probably not considered to be):

6.1. In order to provide you with energy, from time to time we require access to your meter. You agree to provide us, or any person we have authorised acting on our behalf to safe, unrestricted access to your energy metering and associated equipment. If your metering equipment is obstructed, it is your responsibility to remove it or the obstruction and pay any associated costs.

The terms from Bulb also advise:

3.15. So we can bill you as accurately as possible, you must give us an up-to-date meter reading for your energy at least every 90 days and when requested by Bulb if there is a reason to need more up to date meter readings.

Hi @kirstie it sounds like those are some seriously hard to reach meters! If you are in a rented property I would definitely discuss with your landlord to get those meters moved for you, or for your landlord to give you regular readings or a ladder to take them with.

In terms of whether we’d be able to take readings for you, we would need to request for the reader to take a ladder with them, but if the meter isn’t safe to access, the engineers may refuse to take the reading. However, as our meter readers are from the same company as lots of other suppliers, so I reckon if EDFs readers can take a reading, I reckon ours would be too.