Can I cancel my switch?

I kicked off my switch today but having read the information on the green gas connection to the meat industry I have decided that at this time, Bulb doesn’t suit my requirements. Can I cancel this switch please?

Hi @gracie, we’d be sad to not have you join us, but yes, you’re completely free to cancel your switch. Have you just joined us through uSwitch today? If so, we’ll have to wait until they send through your joining file tomorrow before we can cancel the switch. I’ll put a reminder in for us to do that tomorrow and we’ll send you an email when we’ve done that.

One thing that I don’t think is mentioned in the discussion about vegetarianism is that while our gas does indeed come from animal manure, it is exactly as vegetarian-friendly as organic vegetables are. Organic veg is mostly fertilised using animal manure as it doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds. We take the same manure and use it for a different purpose, but it’s origin is the same. So, if you’re happy eating organic veg, then, in theory, green gas from pig muck should be just as friendly.

Would you still like us to cancel your switch? Since you’ve asked, I’ll cancel it tomorrow if you don’t get back to me, but I hope you do decide to stay.

All the best,


Hi @will thanks for your prompt response. I do eat organic where possible. I think I’ll continue with the switch and give you guys a chance!

Fantastic @gracie, I’m so glad to hear it. I’ll look into creating a proper article about how vegetarian-friendly our gas is so that everyone can have the facts when they need it.

Please cancel my switch

HI @danny8443 , that’s been done for you :slight_smile:

Can I cancel my switch

Think u dear charging me

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Hi @Lindsey Your direct debit is not a set amount and we can change it to accurately match your usage. Drop us a line at or give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 to discuss this further with us but, if you want me to cancel the switch, that’s totally fine too.

Can you please cancel my switch please as it was showing as unsuccessful/error so I switched somewhere else. Then got loads of emails from you confirming it

I’m not able to find you using that email address unfortunately.

Would you be able to drop an email from the email on your account into and we can take a look to see it’s all cancelled?

Can you cancel my switch please as i have decieded that bulb isnt for me atm thanks

@Neeshajade123 I have cancelled the switch for you and you will stay with your current supplier.


Hi I’m trying to cancel my switch but using the link on my account page. Please can you cancel this for me? Thanks.

Hi, please can you cancel my switch.

@ktansley That’s done for you now, and @Stuw that’s done for you too :slight_smile:

Please can you cancel my switch too? My currrnt provider have offered a better deal