Can I cancel my switch?

Hi I recently started a switch process to Bulb but having reviewed the unit rate and standing charge rates I’ve realised that its sadly not quite worth it for us to complete the switch. (With low usage our current plan offers a lower standing charge and works out slightly cheaper despite higher unit rate). Is it possible to cancel the switch at this time? Sorry for the hassle!

Not a problem @beggshousehold I’ve withdrawn your switch to us. You’ll stay with your current supplier from now on. We’re sorry you’re not going to join us, but totally understand.

Hope you decide to join us in the future.

Hi there, I too need to cancel my switch, having looked at the comparison price, and usage it is not the cheapest tariff for us. Please could you cancel my switch? Thank you .

We’re sorry to see you go, but I have of course cancelled your switch to us @moli. You will now stay with your existing supplier.