Can I change my Economy 7 rate to a single rate?

Hi, I have an economy 7 meter (shows a day and a night rate) and am being charged separately for them as per Bulbs economy 7 tariff. However as I don’t have night storage heaters or anything else that uses much power while I’m sleeping I don’t really need one and think I would be better off having my daily electricity usage totalled and charged at your slightly lower standard unit price. How can bulb help me with this? Do I need a new, single rate meter installed or can you simply add the two figures together and charge it all at the non eco 7 rate? Thanks in advance, Tony

They can add the 2 together and charge you at 1 flat rate. Just send them a quick message. :slight_smile:

They can add the 2 together and charge you at 1 flat rate. Just send them a quick message. :)

I don’t think they can do that now…

I concur with @phproxy - I believe Bulb was forced to stop combining the meter readings for some reason (possibly because the readings would conflict in the independent meter database so when customers switched to a new provider their readings were totally wrong).

You can ask Bulb to change your meter to a single-rate one though - it is £120 . However, I believe smart meters (which are just starting the roll out and will be rolled out in force in 2019) will be a free install and can be tariff-switched free of charge: so you might want to wait until then and save £120.

Unfortunately, we are indeed not able to change a tariff to a 1-rate tariff if you would have a 2-rate meter.

The reason for this is that, in cases of Economy 7 meters, we are buying in electricity at peak/off peak prices on the wholesale market. Our tariff follows the wholesale prices, therefore the tariffs will also follow the specific meter setup (i.e. E7 or normal 1-rate).

As Richy mentioned, you could exchange the meter for 120 pounds. If your off-peak usage is at least 35% it is normally beneficial to be on a 2-rate meter.

That is a shame - and I think I’ll pass on paying £120 for a new meter when the free ones are already available from so many suppliers. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated.

My previous supplier installed my current smart meter. At that time I was on a 1-rate tariff, which was my tariff of choice. The meter they installed was a two rate tariff. I didn’t ask for one and presumably it offered the supplier flexibility for the future. They quite happily took the two readings from my meter and used them for the billing of my one rate tariff.

I do find it odd that any energy company is not able to undertake this for their customers whose choice is not be on E7. It is strange that a company would buy their wholesale energy based on the equipment that is installed and not on the type of tariffs their customers choose.

I will have to monitor our usage to see how being on E7 works out and if Bulb’s policy is not able to change then I’ll have to consider switching back.


I’m not a fan of smart meters, but my understanding is that when Bulb start rolling out smart meters they will have the flexibility to remotely change customers from economy type tariffs to single rate tariffs. This should then satisfy your particular requirements.

I assume it was particular customers who originally requested Economy 7 meters so this was their choice and not Bulbs. Until the smart meters are rolled out you can always request a change of Economy 7 meter to a single rate meter at a cost.

I doubt ‘choice’ of meter plays much of a part tbf - most customers will have inherited their meters with the homes they now find themselves living in.

I was told today that because i have a 2 rate meter i have to 2 rates and they can’t add them! Eon who are the current suppliers of my new home CAN add them and charge a lower rate. I’m thinking bulb may not now work out cheap for me!