Can I change the date of my first payment?

I just got an email from Bulb informing me that my first payment will be due this Sunday.

I just started working as a junior doctor and (believe it or not) will be living in extreme poverty until I get my first paycheque at the end of the month - meaning I can’t afford to pay the amount due on Sunday.

I want to change the date this payment is taken, but it seems there won’t be anyone from Bulb around to help until Monday, by which point it’ll be too late (very frustrating!)!

Any ideas, anyone?

Hi @thomas8927 I’ve pushed your first payment to the 27th.

Henceforth we’ll take payments from you on the 27th of each month. That said, once you’ve made your first payment, you’ll be able to change the payment date (and amount) at in the payment details section.

Hope this helps. Big ups for being a doctor and keeping people healthy :smiley: